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The GloveBox App

The GloveBox App

We have some exciting news! The Harmoning Agency has launched an app to help aid in making life easier in your insurance coverage needs. Whether you need to locate your policy numbers, pay your premiums or file a claim, find these resources all within the app. Use the links below to download the app created for your mobile device.

What Does GloveBox Do?

At the Harmoning Agency, we work with multiple insurers and we do that in order to find the best coverage and best price for you. Once the challenge with having multiple providers is access your documents conveniently, that’s where GloveBox comes in.

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GloveBox virtually houses all your insurance providers in a single space making it more convenient for you to do a number of things.

  • Pay a Bill
  • Start a Claim
  • Find My Policy Documents
  • Make Policy Changes
  • General Communication
  • Purchase Insurance

The GloveBox Experience

GloveBox continues to integrate with multiple insurance companies. There are two ways you may experience being connected through the app. The first way is embedded and the second is linked. When one of your insurance carriers is embedded within the app, you will have a seamless experience allowing you to access everything through the GloveBox app. When your insurance carrier is linked, in order to access policy documents and other functionality, you will be directed towards that carrier’s customer login with the GloveBox app.

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Don't Take Our Word for It

Hear from a Harmoning Agency customer how the GloveBox App streamlined the insurance process after an auto accident.

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