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2023 Summer Activities

Summer 2024 Activities

The most important thing this summer is to stay safe. Whether you are traveling, look your vehicle over first. Remember everybody needs to be wearing their seatbelts and don’t be […]

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Farmfest is Here!

Fourth of July signifies that the second half of summer has begun. The first Tuesday of August means Minnesota Farmfest kicks off! Farmers throughout the state of Minnesota come near […]

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home insurance claims

How Increased Claims Caused Hike in Home Insurance Premiums

Many weather experts are warning Minnesotans to prepare for tough spring weather with strong winds, hail and more. As many of us know all too well, this can often lead […]

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farmer safety

Let’s Keep Farmers Safe This Season

Many members of the community are excited about the warmer weather to enjoy the many great things Minnesota has to offer. For the farming neighbors, this time of the year […]

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Best Coverage

Still Helping Customers Get the Best Coverage

While most insurance companies represent one organization, company or group of underwriters, at the Harmoning Agency we work with a variety of companies to ensure that our customers have the […]

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ATV Safety Tips for You and Your Loved Ones

ATV Safety Tips for You and Your Loved Ones

The weather is beautiful and we’re all ready to enjoy the spring-like temperatures. Before you jump onto your ATVs, take a moment to remember these safety tips.  The Golden Rules […]

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Harmoning Agency Team

State of the Industry

At Harmoning Agency, we strive to make sure that our customers know what they are purchasing. The reason we got into the business is to help people. This is why […]

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corn harvest

Why Do Premiums Continue to Rise?

By now, many of us have noticed the trend of prices continuing to be on the rise. The insurance industry is continuing to see economic challenges and inflation impact all […]

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Insurance Scams

Insurance Scams to Watch Out For

Scams seem to come in all different shapes and sizes these days. Whether your grandma is getting called to “help” her grandson with a credit card over the phone or […]

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Spouse Coverage

Do Both Spouses Need Life Insurance?

This is a question we get often when speaking about life insurance coverage. Years ago, it was believed that only the bread winner would need life insurance coverage. However, this […]

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3 Critical Times You Need Life Insurance the Most

3 Critical Times You Need Life Insurance the Most

At the Harmoning Agency, we have shared many times about the importance of having a life insurance policy. Here are three critical times in your life that you should be […]

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It's Simple Switching to Harmoning Agency

It’s Simple Switching to Harmoning Agency

You have noticed drastic changes in your insurance coverage and you are ready to make the switch. Switching insurance companies may feel like a daunting, intensive process. Without an agent, […]

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