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Farm Insurance

Farm insurance is very diverse. Plans can include commercial coverage such as liability exposures and auto liability as well as personal exposures such as personal liability, property and vehicles. We also can insure agri tourism and ag business operations.

The right coverage for your needs starts with educated and interested agents who pay great attention to detail to ensure all your risks are discussed and covered appropriately. The unique packages available for farm insurance requires an agent who is interested in providing the protection necessary for the current day, complex operation risks. Farmers Union Insurance – Harmoning Agency has those agents available to go to work with you today!

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Farm Insurance Coverage Options

Commercial Liability

Protect your business from financial loss. A commercial general liability policy helps to protect you if you become liable for things like property damage, personal injury or advertising injury caused by doing business. 

Commercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicle coverage protects the vehicles and people who drive them for business purposes.

Personal Liability

If an accident in or out of your home occurs and results in property damage or bodily injury that you are legally responsible for, a personal liability policy can help to ensure you’re covered.

Personal Property

Protect your things from theft or fire with personal property coverage. Personal property coverage is designed to protect your belongings.

Personal Vehicles

Personal auto insurance helps keep you protected against accidents that occur while you are driving your vehicle for personal use including commuting to and from work.

Farm Property and Buildings

Protect buildings and structures used in your farming or ranch operations with a farm property policy. Buildings and structures used for farm machinery, personal property used on the farm or ranch, loss of income and other farm or ranch exposures are typically covered under a policy like this.

Farm Machinery

Coverage on farm equipment will help cover the actual costs to repair or replace your equipment if it is damaged due to fire, collision or another covered incident. 


Livestock insurance makes sure you are covered for lightning, fire, theft as well as loading and unloading accidents. There are also coverage options for animal mortality coverage in case a prize bull or stud horse passes.

Multi-Peril Crop Insurance

Protect your investment from hail, drought, flooding or other natural disasters with crop insurance. 

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Cyber Risk Protection

Protect your business from liability for data breaches involving sensitive customer information like credit card numbers, health records, driver’s license numbers and more with cyber security insurance. 

Worker’s Compensation

Workers‘ compensation insurance provides partial wage replacement and full payment of medical and vocational rehabilitation costs to employees who have a work-related injury or disease. 

We represent many companies and can customize your coverage to your risk needs. In addition to protecting farm property, buildings, machinery and livestock, we offer multiperil crop insurance and many private crop and hail products to enhance your coverage. Our job is to minimize your risk and maximize your peace of mind.

Our ongoing relationship with you makes us different than other insurance providers. At Harmoning Agency, we hold annual reviews to ensure your plan continues to provide the coverage you need. We pride ourselves in helping our customers know exactly what coverage you are purchasing and how it protects you and your operation; a clarity not found with other insurance providers.

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