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Crop Insurance

Multi-Peril crop insurance is federally regulated. Farmers often believe the stereotype that their options are limited as a result of these regulations. This is often not the case. 

Multi-Peril crop insurance is just like buying a vehicle. Sure, you can buy a vehicle from Ford just like you can buy a vehicle from Chevy, just like you can buy a vehicle from Tesla. They all have four wheels and they’re all going to get you from point A to point B. The differences come in with the options in features. Just like you have the option to buy a vehicle with heated seats and a sunroof, crop insurance has options that can be added onto the policy for additional coverage.


Understand What You're Buying

Pricing and solutions will vary very little between insurance agents with multi-peril crop insurance as a result of federal regulations. This is where the Harmoning Agency mission comes into play. You will understand what you are buying. Have you left your crop insurance meeting unsure if you have all the coverage you need? What about leaving the meeting knowing that you have twenty more minutes of questions but your agent simply does not have the time to dedicate to you on top of their additional crop insurance books and clients?

Work with Someone Who Meets the Needs of Your Operation.

You know that your operation is unique; your multi-peril crop insurance coverage shouldn’t be any different. Work with an agent that has specialized training and continued education to ensure that your operation is covered in the manner that balances risk and investment. 

Crop insurance deadline is rapidly approaching with a March 15, 2024 deadline. Are you working with an agent who is up to date with the recent crop insurance changes? With an entire book related to all the newest 2024 changes to the program, get in touch with your local expert. Contact us today to start your individual crop insurance coverage needs coverage!

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What Makes Us Different?

At Harmoning Agency, we believe in getting to know our customers. This is what makes us different from other insurance providers. We hold regular reviews to ensure your plan continues to provide the coverage you need for your farming operation. We pride ourselves in educating our customers to understand the coverage you are purchasing and how it protects you and your operation; an explanation not many insurance providers can provide.

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